Selected Publications & Presentations


“Editing Wikipedia, discovering inquiry: Collaboration in a modern and contemporary African art history course,” with Elizabeth Perrill, Alexandra Gaal, Christina Kelly, and Maya Simmons. Art Documentation, 40(1).

“Creativity at work: Teaching in the new virtual environment,” with Melody Rood, Maia Hajj, Tonya Lee, Mackenzie Salisbury, and Barbara Prior [panel]. ARLIS/NA 2021. Virtual. 12 May.

“Transforming the creative process through research: Library interventions for the creative disciplines,” with Jenny Dale and Sarah Dorsey. ACRL-NC Chapter Biennial Conference. Virtual. 6 May.

“The Irascibles: Painters Against the Museum (New York, 1950)” [book review]. ARLIS/NA Reviews, May/June issue.


“When browsing the stacks is out of the question: Supporting creative research practice for art foundations students during Covid-19” [lightning talk]. ARLIS/NA Teaching Special Interest Group Meeting. Virtual. 11 December.

“Closed stacks: Image resources and the future of artistic research practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.” VRA Bulletin, 47(2).

“Art of the United States, 1750-2000: Primary Sources” [book review]. ARLIS/NA Reviews, September/October issue.

“Reimagining critical visual literacy in higher education,” with Dana Statton Thompson, Stephanie Beene, and Mary Wegmann. ARLIS/NA Virtual Conference, 29 July. [slides]

“Let’s get visual, visual!: New instructional approaches for visual literacy,” with Dana Statton Thompson and Sara Schumacher. ACRL Instruction Section Teaching Methods Committee Virtual Event. 1 May. [slides]. Recording available from

“Protest! A History of Social and Political Graphics” [book review]. ARLIS/NA Reviews, March/April issue.

“Working with capstones: Case studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro,” with Rachel Olsen and Amy Harris Houk. In Joan Ruelle (Ed.), The engaged library: High-impact educational practices & academic libraries. Chicago, IL: ACRL Press.

“What’s art got to do with it?: Teaching interdisciplinary visual literacy through the language of memes.” ARLIS/NA 48th Annual Conference. St. Louis, MO. 23 April. Conference cancelled due to COVID-19 crisis.


“What we talk about when we talk about Wikipedia: Exploring scholarly inquiry and genre in contemporary art history through comparison.” ARLIS/SE Annual Conference. Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. 7 November. [slides].

Detail from Poster presented at NCLA 2019“What does it meme? Visual literacy in the library through the language of memes,” with Jenny Dale and Brown Biggers [poster session]. North Carolina Library Association Biennial Conference. Winston-Salem, NC. 18 October.

Screenshot from Leaflet Workshop slides“Customizable Leaflet maps,” with Jo Klein [interactive workshop]. Triangle Digital Humanities Institute. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC. 23 May. [slides]. 

Cover of Reference Services Review“On the same page: Collaborative research assignment design with graduate TAs.” Reference Services Review, 47(3).

Cover of Teaching First-Year College Students A Practical Guide for LibrariansTeaching first-year college students: A practical guide for librarians, with Adrienne Button. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. See

“Swim relay: Using a medley of techniques to teach information literacy concepts and mechanics,” with Sam Harlow [interactive workshop]. LOEX 2019. Minneapolis, MN. 10 May. [slides]

“Reframing the narrative: Developing information literacy learning outcomes using backward design and consensus decision making,” with Jenny Dale [interactive workshop]. ACRL 2019. Cleveland, OH. 11 April. [slides].

“Framing the first year: Teaching, assessment, and collaboration,” with Erin Ackerman, Jen Bonnet, Rebecca Bushby, Melissa Harden, Lily Herakova, Anna Michelle Martinez Montavon, and John T. Oliver [panel]. ACRL 2019. Cleveland, OH. 11 April.

Cover of Motivating Students on a Time Budget book“Choose a topic, choose a group, choose a focus: A lesson plan to promote intrinsic motivation.” In Sarah Steiner and Miriam Rigby (Eds.), Motivating students on a time budget: Pedagogical frames and lesson plans for in-person and online information literacy instruction. Chicago, IL: ACRL Press.


“Framework-based instruction in art history: From the first-year survey to the senior seminar” [poster]. Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) Southeast & Mid-Atlantic Joint Chapters Meeting. Richmond, VA. 16 November.

“Analogy as pedagogy: Using what students already know in library instruction.” Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy. Savannah, GA. 28 September. [slides].

“A new adventure?: Collaborating with first-time writing instructors on ‘teaching research.’” Library Instruction West. Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO. 19 July. [slides].

“Authority changes: Using the Framework to teach evaluation in an art history class.” The Innovative Library Classroom Conference. Radford University, Radford, VA. 9 May. [slides]


Cover of Communication Center Journal“It takes three to enhance: A pilot study of collaboration in the basic course,” with Jessica Delk McCall and Erin Ellis. Communication Center Journal, 3(1), 34-52.